Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Caffé Streets

1750 W. Division, Chicago, IL

Caffé Streets is one of Wicker Park's newest cafes, having only been around for about three months now. I didn't even know of it until last night, while clicking around on Yelp.

I went this morning—a cold, rainy, miserable morning—on the way to work and I was very impressed. I ordered a medium cappuccino, and they informed me that they only make traditional cappuccinos, but they could make me a foamier version of a latter—color me "pleased." I was even more pleased when I sipped it; it had the same texture and mouthfeel as a Peet's latte (I really do think they're the best milk steamers around). The latte art (a rosetta) was a little wonky, but they scored points for even trying.

The only thing I wasn't impressed with was the decor—very trendy, very urban-chic. Wood paneling covered the floors, the walls, and the ceiling, making it feel like a bit like the inside of a wooden box. It felt less like a "social coffee house" and more like a photo shoot from a fashion design magazine.

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